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Beginning of the Decline of the Village - 1929

The tranquil life in the village of Shiloach and its prosperity was sadly cut short in 1929. In the month of Av, 1929, dreadful Arab riots and pogroms broke out in Hebron, the Old City of Jerusalem and many other parts of the land and the security situation deteriorated a great deal.


One morning, when the residents of Shiloach were about their work in Jerusalem and the women of the village were toiling in their homes, cooking, cleaning and baking, a strange Arab appeared in the village shouting in the streets: "Just you wait, the day will come and we will slaughter you like we slaughtered the Jews of Hebron!!!". That same evening, the residents of the village, represented by Aharon Maliach and Rabbi Yoseph Madmoni, approached the Arab Mukhtar of Silwan, Haj Muhammad Gozlan.


Gozlan gathered the leaders of the Arab village and demanded that they stop the gangs and not allow harm to come to their Jewish neighbors. For this, the people of the village thanked him in a letter they sent to the community council in Jerusalem after the riots calmed down: "We the undersigned, the residents of the village of Shiloach, want to inform... that we must express our thanks to that dear man of good heart, the honorable sir Haj Muhamad Gozlan. .. and his acquaintances of good heart who showed outstanding human relations to their neighbors, the residents of the Jewish neighborhood of Shiloach during the pogroms of Av, 1929, and did not allow the gangs of ruffians who moved about the area of our settlement Shiloach to inflict upon us harm. . . " However, the situation worsened and the threats of Arab gangs and rioters against the Jews grew. They were no longer able to rely on the promises of their Arab neighbors, and without a choice, some of the residents of the village left their homes to settle as ‘refugees’ in the Sephardi school