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The recognition of the rightful owners

Official British documentation from the Jerusalem District Commissioners Office, to the General Council (Vaad HaLeumi and its head Ben Tzvi) speaks of the British Government and possible 'short-term' payment of the "…expenses of transport and rent incurred (by the evacuated residents) during the period until the refugees (Jewish) are able to return to their homes".
The British authorities recognized the rightful owners of the properties in the Shiloach and even expected these Jewish refugees to return shortly. This never eventuated.
To make matters worse and rub "Jewish salt into the wound", the British Authorities had given assurances that the Jewish property, including the large Synagogue (Ohel Shlomo) would be protected.
One year later in August (16/8/39) of 1939, a small group of Jewish officials (including Shlomo Zeevi) from the General Council in Palestine (HaVaad HaLeumi), together with some British Police paid a visit to the old Yemenite Village and specifically to the old Synagogue.
In his summary letter to Yitzchak Ben Tzvi, Zeevi writes – that, "No words can describe the outrage and the insulting and depressing sight that they witnessed when they entered the synagogue". 
The Ohel Shlomo synagogue was totally desecrated and destroyed with bibles and prayer books burnt, torn and 'soiled' in a beastly fashion. The furnishings of the synagogue were totally destroyed, with very little semblance of a synagogue remaining.
The group managed to gather the holy books, pack suitcases and then shortly afterwards, they had a traumatic and sad ceremony burying these on the Mount of Olives.
(A detailed listing of their findings was reported in a letter from the Religious council to the General Council –dated 17th August 1939.)