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Yemenite Village BEIT KNESSET temporarily established in Beit Yehonatan

Years 2004-2014
During this period, there  primarily a Kolel (15 students under Rabbi Shmuel Stern in Kolel Yehoshua Rohr) together with 9 Jewish families residing in 2  buildings in the neighbourhood – Beit Yehonatan and Beit HaDvash.
However over the last 6 months, other acquisitions were made by Jewish investors from Israel and abroad and more Yshiva students and needy families have moved into 2 other building complexes in the general vicinity of Kfar Hateimanim. They are Beit Ovadia and Beit Frumkin, and thus the Jewish life in the area, has effectively doubled. 
Notwithstanding clearly discriminatory endeavours by the left wing legal advisor of the Jerusalem Municipality (Yossi Havilo who has since tended his resignation) and the State Attorney general to evict the students and families from Beit Yehonatan, the students and families are still living in the old Yemenite village. Although the original Synagogue Complex was still not in Jewish hands and being desecrated by a few Arab families for over 70 years, it was needed to have a temporary Synagogue for the newly established Jewish neighbourhood of Shiloach. It was established on the top level of Beit Yehonatan and also services the Kolel.
The dedication of the Synagogue was an emotional affair with hundreds of Yemenite Jews from around Israel (Organized by Shaul Libi) dancing with a Sefer Torah thru the neighbourhood of Kfar HaShiloach. (See picture). 
Geula Cohen affixed the Mezuza to the Beit Knesset/Kolel in Beit Yehonatan and everyone spoke of the day, that we will be able to truly return to the original Beit Knesset complex down the road.
Over the years, a number of  court rulings in favour of the rightful owners were received, including the demolition of illegal structures built by Arabs on top and around the original Beit Knesset complex. It was hoped that the police and the relevant Authorities would uphold such court orders, but this hasn’t been the case.
As of December 2014 – the original Beit Knesset is still occupied by illegal Arab squatters, who have also built illegal structures on the premises. However it is hoped that the old Yemenite synagogue will be redeemed, and will return to its rightful owner –the HEKDESH BENVINISTI.
Yes -  one day it will be properly restored to it's previous glory and beauty and once again the sweet sounds of Jewish prayer will be heard from its main sanctuary, overlooking the Old City and the Temple Mount.