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Yemenite Village of Shiloach

Kfar HaTeimanim - Yemenite Village of Shiloach (Also known as Kfar HaShlioach) was a thriving and beautiful Jewish neighbourhood of Jerusalem, located on the slopes of the Mt Olives, overlooking the City of David and the Old City of Jerusalem itself. Established in 1881-82, by Yemenite Jews "fulfilling a messianic dream" - the neighbourhood, at it's peak comprised of close to 150 Yemenite families and 4 active Synagogues. The Yemenite Village was destroyed by rioting Arabs in the pogroms of 1937-38 and the Jews were evicted from the area.
Although Jews have returned (2004) to the old Yemenite Village, the area is also known as Silwan, with many Arabs squatting and/or still residing in many of the old Yemenite homes and communal buildings.